ROYAL INTERNTIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL AT: Ranja,P/O: Kankadpal,p.s: Dhenkanal Sadar,Dhenkanalpin: 759013

About us


The Royal international public school provides education for deserving children’s who need economic support to continue their education. The education system is equivalent to the pattern of central board of secondary education. The school is a non profitable organization and whatever fee is collected from the students is reinvested for the development of the school.

Aim, mission, objectives of the school:

The aim and objectives of our school is to grow with learning the students, teachers and simultaneously parents for overall development of the students in the school.

Besides that objective we promote & provide the learner with opportunities to acquire literacy, creativity and communication skills develop self disciplined & aesthetic values of cultures.

We inted the students to enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning .we emphasize on the development of individuals talents. And to promote social responsibility by making proper use of leisure time of our students.