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The school is a non profitable organization and whatever fee is collected from the students is reinvested for the development of the school.The school has got Certificate of Recognition(COR) from Govt. of Odisha in the year 2017..

Royal International Public School, Dhenkanal is one of the leading institutions of pre-primary, Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary learning in District Dhenkanal. Right since its inception in 2014, the school has consistently maintained an excellent performance record.

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When it comes to helping children advance forward in their lives, Royal International Public School is one of the best education centers in Dhenkanal. Education is undoubtedly the greatest asset for today's generation of youngsters, and we are here to support you however we can.

Our taught courses consist of a range of academic subjects, including but not limited to Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Apart from academic learning, we provide equal importance to art, music and sports as well, ensuring that all our students enrich themselves with physical education to develop their fitness skills.

Mission and Objective

The aim and objectives of our school is to grow with learning the students, teachers and simultaneously parents for overall development of the students in the school. Besides that objective we promote & provide the learner with opportunities to acquire literacy, creativity and communication skills develop self disciplined & aesthetic values of cultures.

We inted the students to enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning .we emphasize on the development of individuals talents. And to promote social responsibility by making proper use of leisure time of our students.

Notice Board

 Dear parents, Welcome to Royal international public school, Admission is going on the session 2022-23 in our school.

 Interested parents can contact for details of admission to school authority through following contact number :+91-7894411961 +91-9861157371.

 Dear parents please support and connect with us. If any doubt in class ,then please contact us.+91-7894411961 +91-9861157371

Our Special Courses

Arts Lesson

The arts teach students to think through and within a material. All art forms employ some means through which images become real. When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel, they must reach into their poetic capacities to find the words that will do the prospectus future..

Dance Class

Dance builds self-confidence and independence. Dance empowers students to believe in themselves, value their creative instincts, and express their ideas through movement and music. In their way, dance give kids the chance to experience a creative process; they can learn through play and imagination in a supportive environment, where there is no right or wrong way to move.

Music Lesson

Music demands collaboration, listening and patience. Singing songs, playing instruments, participating in musical games and learning about the origins of different types of music has the ability to change a child's life.

Sports Lesson

The best way to learn about a sport is to be genuinely interested in it. You can manage to quickly pick up the rules and basics about your sport of choice through video games, intramural leagues, fan organizations and many other ways. Just make sure not to get frustrated or overwhelm yourself. Good luck learning!

Computer Lab

Computer facilities are available for the students of class U.K.G to VIII.


It helps Just think about it, Taekwondo involves repeating stances and fighting patterns, striking the air, training with people in the form of sparring, kicking a bag, doing various cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises and much more.

8 Years of Experience

The aim and objectives of our school is to grow with learning the students, teachers and simultaneously parents for overall development of the students in the school.

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